A Paisley (Scottish) perspective

This past May, Terry W, a Servas member from British Columbia returned from a Servas trip to Paisley, Scotland, where she met new friends and learned the realities of nuclear transport.

Meeting people with similar values and interests, a commitment to peace and international understanding, is the great joy of a journey with Servas.

My hosts in Paisley, Scotland, Róisín and Duncan, felt like old friends within hours. They took me to the Fair Trade shop where Róisín volunteers with a wide range of Palestinian products. Then she showed me her special way of composting in an isolated bin; after we sat out enjoying their lovely garden.

The next day I was inspired by the Peace garden Duncan helped create within a city park. Later we visited the workers’ cottages museum of the textile industry that once dominated this city along with a good history lesson from my hosts as we saw the changes caused by the closing of the factories.

Duncan showed me a book on Nicaragua that his sister, Fiona, helped produce thirty years ago – it was familiar, I own it!

The next day we drove west to Crosspoint, the place where Scotland and Ireland are closest geographically. We walked on the beach, a visit to the fort there followed by lunch hosted by Fiona who gave me her latest book on Nicaragua and illustrated by her fine artwork. This lovely day ended when I left at the train station, so peaceful and verdant. But this calm changed when they told me that nuclear weapons, and reactor fuel and waste travel by rail through this and other villages in this beautiful countryside. Faslane is home to the UK’s nuclear warships base.

Did you appreciate Terry’s tale? If you have travelled with Servas Canada and would like to share some of your news and a couple of photographs as a Travellers’ Tale, please contact us.

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