Heartfelt thanks to our Servas hosts

Chantale and Azalia offer heartfelt thanks to their Servas hosts while travelling in Europe.

Having been an independent traveller for all of my life, I was just amazed by the generous welcome Servas members gave us when I contacted and stayed with them.I am most thankful for those who took the time to respond to our inquiries as we visited during the busy month of June in Italy and in the Netherlands.

Warmth, attention, trust, and friendly moments spent with them has touched me beyond words can express. We were offered private tours, meals, car rides, and guidance despite everyone’s busy lives. Forever thankful to our hosts!

Did you appreciate Chantale’s tale? If you have travelled with Servas Canada and would like to share some of your news and a couple of photographs as a Travellers’ Tale, please contact us.

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