Death of Arne Hansen

Arne Boye Hansen (1951 – 2019)

Arne, a former Servas Canada Board member, graduated in journalism from St. Clair Community College in Windsor in 1974. During a journalistic stint in Sri Lanka, he could be seen commuting on an elephant.

Arne moved to BC and lived many years in a Vancouver co-op. He was very dedicated; working for environmental groups including the Vancouver Western Canada Wilderness Committee. He edited and published the best-selling, award-winning book, Carmanah, Artistic Visions of an Ancient Rainforest.

Arne loved Servas and arrived in Montreal, environmentally by train, to attend the first full Servas Canada Board meeting in July, 1989: Ladies in front: Sandy Yudin [left], Sylvia Krogh (Alberta). Behind, starting [appropriately for Arne] on the “far left”: Arne Hansen (BC), Past NS Duncan Meikle, NS Michael Johnson, Rolf Bramann (Quebec).

Compiled by Michael Johnson.

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