Privacy & Confidentiality Agreement

As a Servas Canada member, I understand that I have a legal obligation to protect and keep in confidence all personal Servas host and traveller information to which I have access (through the Servas Online database, any host list distribution, or other records and information systems) in the course of my involvement with Servas Canada. I agree to use the personal Servas host and traveller information only for the purposes for which it was collected and purposes consistent with my hosting or travel responsibilities.

I agree not to disclose any personal Servas host or traveller information to non-Servas individuals or groups. Under no circumstances may personal Servas host or traveller information used by other organizations or persons for advertising purposes, appeals, etc. If I am found to have made this disclosure without authorized permission of the Servas host or Servas traveller, then I understand there may be sanctions. I understand that my legal obligation does not end with my involvement with Servas but continues in perpetuity and that failure to keep confidential the personal information of Servas members is grounds for possible removal from Servas Canada.

By my signature I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and will abide by this agreement, and that I/we permit Servas Canada to use the personal information supplied by me/us in the manner described on the Privacy & Confidentiality Information Sheet.

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