Travel with Us

To travel with Servas is to have a shared cultural experience that often includes chatting and listening to stories, and learning about or getting involved in community activities. The hope of Servas is that through shared experiences members will bring about global peace and goodwill initiatives through multicultural dialogue between peoples of various backgrounds. Servas travel is about respect, cultural tolerance, and making an effort to understand another’s culture.

To make the most of your travelling experiences, follow these few simple steps:

  • Review the Canadian Traveller Guidelines
  • Find and contact hosts at your destinations:
    • If the country you are travelling to is on ServasOnline:
    • If the country is not using ServasOnline yet:
    • On return from your travels, please complete the Travel Report form (online and as a .pdf) and submit. Filling out this document will offer recommendations, challenges, and insights to future Servas travellers to that country. Some of this feedback (not identifiable to a specific traveller) will be put on the Servas Canada website

Let us know about your travelling experiences

  • If there are concerns with hosts, please contact us
  • Consider sharing great experiences (including photographs/short videos) with us:
    • On the Servas Canada website; submit your Travellers’ Tales to contact us
    • Through social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

If you are a host travelling with Servas, If the country is special procedures apply