The road less travelled

Nelson M, a Servas traveller from Edmonton, says

Servas has made possible for me many terrific travel experiences. Because of Servas we are able to travel the back roads of faraway places, meet the local people and do so confidently and securely. Servas is unique as a travel organization in that the people who will be hosting you are certified friendly, welcoming and genuinely interested in you. They are committed to world peace and international understanding.

If you want a travel adventure, if you want a break from tour group travelling, if you want to experience the real local culture and form friendships in other countries, then I recommend Servas.

With Servas you may also host international travellers. Imagine sharing your home, city and country with travellers from faraway places.


Did you appreciate Nelson’s tale? If you have travelled with Servas Canada and would like to share some of your news and a couple of photographs as a Travellers’ Tale, please contact us.

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