Regional Africa Conference, Rwanda

This past month, 42 Servas members (7 from other African countries, 7 India, 2 Australia, 1 German, and the rest from Rwanda) participated in the regional Africa conference held in Kigali and Kigufi, Rwanda.

Resolutions from the Rwanda meetings:
• Setting up a WhatsApp group for national and deputy national secretaries of Servas in African countries
• Informing Africans more about Servas; recruitment of people who want to grow Servas
• Promoting exchange programmes between countries; aiming to change perspectives that people may have of African countries
The next Servas Africa regional conference will be held in Kenya in April 2019.

Demelza B. from Servas Malawi kindly sent these two attachments on the very successful event. Enjoy the photograph montage and learn about what our African Servas neighbours are doing!

Regional Africa Conference 2017 Rwanda Photo Montage – Malawi

Servas Malawi Rwanda Regional Meeting Report

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