Servas Adult

1. Servas Volunteer Experience (Servas Canada-volunteer)

A program for Servas members from 30-80+ years old. It aims to develop cultural understanding through volunteer work for 1.5 months in a foreign country. Applicants should be independent as they will stay with a series of hosts for two weeks learning the local culture and language, then one or two main hosts for one month at the allocated project/s. Two weeks’ optional travel is encouraged.

2.  Servas Language Experience Program (SC-Language)


  • The purpose is for adult participants (travellers) to learn a new language, learn about the culture and work on a project or otherwise give service to the hosting community.
  • Adult Servas members may request a longer stay with Servas hosts for a total stay of approximately one month.
  • Usually the language learning is informal, through immersion.
  • All costs of the program are to be covered by the participant
  • This is not a fully developed professionally produced program: each placement will be a co-creation of best efforts of participants and hosts.
  • The program includes immersion, commitment, a service component, a statement of expected outcomes and evaluation afterwards.


Participant Eligibility Criteria

  • Servas member (host or traveller or both) for at least one year (verified by name in host list or through a previous Letter Of Introduction LOI)
  • Willing to become Servas traveller with approved LOI
  • Committed to volunteer on a project or share their skills with the community
  • Letter of Request/Application completed
  • Successfully interviewed and oriented by the home country Language Experience Coordinator
  • Willingness to complete an evaluation of their Servas LangEx experience within one month
  • Ability to cover all costs of their participation in the program
  • Appropriate insurance coverage for the destination country for the duration of their stay


Letter of Request/Application

Please send a letter or email that answers the following questions to

  • Which language(s) do you speak now, and how fluently?
  • Why do you want this program?
  • What do you expect will be the benefits?
  • What skills can you offer to share with others?
  • What specific interests do you have?
  • When do you want this experience (please specify how long, the month and your flexibility)?
  • Any limitations – physical handicaps, dietary needs, allergies, etc which affect hosting

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