Servas Youth (SYLE)

Overall aim

These programmes offer formal or informal language learning, enriched travel experiences, art activities, and cultural, recreational, sports, tourism insights. They are organized in a spirit of generosity and fellowship between country Servas groups, travellers and hosts, to foster and contribute to the ideal of world peace.

The traveller should plan his/her trip with great care and well ahead of time.

Specific objectives

  • Education – learning a language.
  • Working as a volunteer to help others.
  • Provide a Servas cultural exchange experience for the traveller and their hosts.
  • Seek to strengthen the working together of local and national groups.
  • Promote the participation of youth in Servas now and in the future.
  • Seek to give new hosts an opportunity to host in the receiving country especially where they receive few travellers.

Note: These programmes are for Servas members who have been active before applying.

1. Servas Youth Language Experience (SYLE)

A program for Servas members who are youth from 18-30 years old. It aims to develop a semi-independent, advanced depth of language learning and cultural awareness while staying with one or several hosts for one month in a foreign country. Woven into the programme should be a human rights and peace element. For example: learning of peace co-operative games, visit to a prison/human-rights centre.

2. Servas Youth Language Exchange (SYLE-Junior)

A program for Servas members who are youth from 10-18 years old. It aims to see them together visit each other’s homes in a foreign country for 2-3 weeks with the aim of developing language, travel, self and cultural awareness within a safe home setting with good parental guidance and with a pre-negotiated programme.