Financial Information

Servas Canada Financial Information

Meet the Treasurer

Christine Fernie lives in Rimbey, Alberta. 

If  you have questions about our finances or member fees, you can reach Christine at 

Budget Snapshot

Approved budget modified for 2020 06 07 fee donation (pdf)

This is the officially approved budget for April 2020, modified to reflect the Board’s decision to donate 2021 membership fees to Servas International. What the budget reflects is that in 2020 we anticipate collecting $6,000 for 2021 membership fees. See the ” membership fees prepaid” row. 

We anticipate that an additional $3,600  for 2021 membership fees will be collected in early 2021.  This is reflected in the “membership fees” row under 2021.  

We currently have 425 Servas members, but we are not sure how many are facing financial hardship due to COVID-19 and will ask to waive their fees.  

The budgeted total membership fees to be donated to Servas International inFebruary 2021 is $9,600 plus a $40 wire transfer fee based on the calculations above.

The yellow column is the actual numbers for this year-to-date at the time the budget page was produced.