Fees and Payment Options

Servas Canada has an annual general membership fee, plus an extra fee for when you decide to travel within Canada or abroad. Please review the fees and submit your payment to the Treasurer using the options below.

Membership Fee
Members pay a fee each calendar year to help cover administrative costs of Servas Canada and Servas International. Each member has a profile on ServasOnline and can view member profiles from around the world.

  • $24 is the annual (calendar year) membership fee per person
  • $48 is the annual (calendar year) membership fee per couple (if both people wish to be members)
  • Free to youth (18-30) and post-secondary students (with proof of a current and valid full-time post-secondary identification card)
  • $2 is the prorated monthly fee for each month remaining in the year a new member joins

NOTE: Current Servas Canada members pay/renew the annual membership by December 31st each year. New members who join Servas Canada between September 1 – December 31 are to also pay for the following year’s membership fee because they will have missed the annual renewal notice in September.

Travel Fee
To travel, you still need to be a member and pay the above membership fee. Each traveller will have a Letter of Introduction with an e-stamp, valid for one year, which must be made available to your hosts. Traveller e-stamps are valid for 12 months from the date of receipt of payment.

International Travel (Outside Canada)

  • $70 per member except
  • $35 for youth or post-secondary students (as defined above)

Domestic Travel (within Canada)

  • $70 per member except 
  • Free for hosts and day hosts, youth or post-secondary students (as defined above) and for children (under 18 years) travelling with parents.

Payment Options

1. Internet (e-transfer)

Payee: Servas Canada
Email: servascanadatreasurer@gmail.com

(please indicate in the message box the name of the member(s) for whom payment is being made)


2. Mail a cheque to

Servas Canada
c/o Christine Fernie
PO Box 147
Rimbey, AB T0C 2J0

3. PayPal
Choose from the drop down menus. Remember, for hosting, only one family person needs to be a Servas member, but all travelers need to first join as members.


Traveler fees