Malawi: SYLE Programming

Dear Servas friends around the world:

We run a SYLE-volunteer programme that aims to encourage Servas travellers to Malawi. Stay with us for a month – we get the chance to host travellers and you get the chance to culturally enrich yourself! We have had 6 SYLE-volunteers so far from USA, Germany, France, Australia and Italy; I’m not sure they’ve learnt much Chichewa (our beautiful local main language) but they have had fun volunteering collecting blood donation testimonials, making mosaics, working at a prison etc., while we’ve listened to their presentations about their countries and their lives. We are making the world a smaller place, one person at a time!
Servas Malawi December 2017

Servas Malawi March 2018
Peace to you all and our thoughts to our scattered Syrian Servas friends.
Demelza, National Secretary, Malawi

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