Portugal: Youth Camp Aug-Sept 2018

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Servas (1948-2018) we thought the theme of our camp should be a tribute to Bob Luitweiler, Servas founder; with the theme Citizens of the Earth – Without Borders. We hope to address issues such as: right to free movement, challenges with armed conflicts, human trafficking and smuggling, human rights, refugees, etc. But also recognizing the basic rights of our Earth, respect for the environment, our carbon footprint and waste of our Earth’s resources. Let’s honour and respect our land as home to all of us without distinction of nationalities and with the same rights for each and every citizen.

This year’s camp will be held at Vila Nova de Cerveira from 26 Aug to 1 Sept. Servas members from all over the world, aged 18-30 years are encouraged to participate. Members 15-18 years are also welcome accompanied by an older sibling and with parental authorization. This summer camp is organized by an international Youth Committee composed of young Servas members from many countries, with cooperation of Servas Spain, Servas Italy, and Servas Portugal as a host country. For more information contact servasworkingcamp@gmail.com

Servas Youth summer camp Portugal 2018 publi

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