Vancouver Island Servas Canada gathering

Sylvia, from Victoria, British Columbia, hosted a potluck evening at Spencer Castle on March 11, 2017. Hosts and travellers shared their recent Servas experiences and attendees really appreciated the opportunity to chat with other Servas members.

One thought on “Vancouver Island Servas Canada gathering

  1. Just checking…..I’ve always thought travellers are intended to contact one host at a time to ask if they can stay, not send out multiple email requests at once and then pick one. Am I wrong ?

    ( I recently had a request from a New York couple. I said yes, that was looking forward to meeting them, told them where to get off the bus and gave them my phone number so they could let me know which ferry they’d be on so I could pick them up, only to be told that they had chosen to stay at one of the other hosts they’d canvasedl Is this procedure “ok” from the Servas pov ?

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